The Largest Agricultural Manufacturing Company in Southern Ontario!

Our machinery sales operation was started in the 1950's by buying parts for our own vegetable farm. As there were no dealers in South Western Ontario and it was a considerable distance to the closest dealer of vegetable equipment many of our neighbours started to get their parts from our emergency stock. With that as our start we began to sell parts, equipment and pesticides. We later added a repair service and continued to increase our stock.

In 1973 we formed Willsie Sunnyview Farms Ltd., and built a new separate facility. We have since expanded considerably with increased sales and staff devoted to the machinery sales and service for the specialized fruit and vegetable industry.

In 1991 we created Willsie Equipment Sales Inc. and still operate our head office from just outside Thedford, Ontario, Canada. We are located in the heart of the South Western Ontario farming area and only 35 miles from the nearest USA border crossing at Sarnia/Port Huron for easy access to our shipping and receiving warehouse in the USA. We are now manufacturers and distributors of fruit and vegetable equipment with manufacturing facility in Ontario.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide specialized equipment custom designed to each individual grower, packer and processors needs. We accomplish this by using our personnel's previous experience growing, processing and designing equipment for a wide variety of crops, conditions and applications as well as investigation of practices in other parts of North America and the World. We then source the appropriate products or if there are none available we will use our own manufacturing facilities to fabricate or modify special equipment. We service all sizes of growers by providing a variety of new and used equipment.

We promote our equipment through attendance at a number of farm equipment exhibitions such as the Pacific Agriculture Show, Atlantic Farm Mechanization Show, Canadian International Farm Show, Ontario Horticultural Conference, and the Organic Agricultural Conference along with other exhibitions throughout North America. We also advertise in various specialized fruit and vegetable newspapers and magazines across North America as well as the World Wide Web. We also assist our dealers with advertising and exhibitions in their local areas.

We also are members of the Ontario Retail Farm Equipment Dealers Association, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Ontario Garlic Growers Association, Ontario Ginseng Growers association, as well as a long standing relationship with the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association.