2 Row Organic Hydraweeder


Manufactured by: Willsie Equipment Sales

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Willsie 2 Row Hydraweeder
Organic Weeding Made Easy

The Willsie Hydraweeder makes chemical free weeding a breeze. The 2 Row Hydraweeder boasts large, never flat tires to ensure convenience out in the field while its positive hydraulic drive means no belts to worry about slipping or wearing out. In addition to the hydraulic drive, a hydraulic speed control gives you total control over the rotation speed of the weeder heads, complete with an emergency shut off; all of this is within easy reach of the operators of course.

Everything about the Willsie Hydraweeder is designed with flexibility in mind. Row spacing can be quickly and easily adjusted to a variety of row widths with interchangeable heads, including being offset; the multiple disc sizes available include 5″, 7″ and 10″. It is also built on a frame which is expandable into a multi-row unit for future growth! Are you using straw on your fields? Optional straw removers are available to gently remove the straw from around the plant to ensure weeders get at all those pesky deeper set weeds that are due to show in the following days.

Disc Options – Per Row
  • 14″ Discs – Add $583.00
  • 10″ Discs – Add $530.01
  • 7″ Discs – Add $481.82
Optional Features – Per Row
  • Set of Straw Removers – Add $473.79
  • Set of Ridge Protectors – Add $401.52
  • Arm Lock – Add $47.87
  • Umbrella – Add $116.47
  • Shade – Add $898.56
  • In-Between Row Extra Head (set) – Add $2,971.24
  • Between Row Tine Frame and Tines (set) – Add $884.95


Introducing the Willsie Hydraweeder



The Hydraweeder in Action


Additional Organic Solutions

Willsie Multi-Row Hydraweeder

Effective organic weeding solution to reduce heavy labour costs and inconsistent weeding.


Additional Weeding Solutions

Garford Robocrop Inrow

The Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder uses tried and tested Robocrop video image analysis techniques to locate individual plants in order to mechanically remove weeds from the inter row and importantly within the crop row between the plants.



In 1997 Silsoe Research Institute (formerly the NIAE), approached Garford to see if they would be interested in collaborating on a project to develop precision guidance for inter row hoes. Garford were already producing manually guided inter-row hoes, and welcomed the opportunity to become involved in the project.

The main benefit of the Robocrop system is improvement in performance with travelling speeds of up to 12 kph or even more. The hoes are equipped with a camera that looks at the crop rows and sends the images back to the Robocrop console in the tractor cab.

Coming from a farming background themselves Garford pride themselves on listening to the farmers and identifying their needs. Garford continue to work with Tillett & Hague Technology (formerly of Silsoe Research Institute) to bring new precision technology to the agricultural sector.

To learn more, visit Garford.com