Garford Band and Hooded Sprayers

Band and Hooded Sprayers for Ultimate Weed Prevention.

The alternative to inter-row cultivators, the band and hooded sprayer can provide total weed kill between the rows without soil disturbance.


Manufactured by: Garford

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Band and Hooded Sprayer
Minimal Crop Disturbance, Excellent Weed Prevention

The Garford hooded sprayer units can be employed on their own or in combination with soil engaging crop protection shields if required. The hoods are supported on parallel linkage wheel units. Band widths between 10cm and 60cm can be accommodated with 2 choices of hood size and a special swivel action while the hooded sprayers can be equipped with full spraying systems, using a tank up to 400 L, or with front mounted tanks if higher capacities are required. The band sprayer nozzles can also be used in combination with inter-row cultivators or hooded sprayers to facilitate spraying on the row.

For more information, please see this brochure: Garford Band and Hooded Sprayer


In 1997 Silsoe Research Institute (formerly the NIAE), approached Garford to see if they would be interested in collaborating on a project to develop precision guidance for inter row hoes. Garford were already producing manually guided inter-row hoes, and welcomed the opportunity to become involved in the project.

The main benefit of the Robocrop system is improvement in performance with travelling speeds of up to 12 kph or even more. The hoes are equipped with a camera that looks at the crop rows and sends the images back to the Robocrop console in the tractor cab.

Coming from a farming background themselves Garford pride themselves on listening to the farmers and identifying their needs. Garford continue to work with Tillett & Hague Technology (formerly of Silsoe Research Institute) to bring new precision technology to the agricultural sector.

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The Garford Band and Hooded Sprayer in Action!


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