Garford Robocrop 2 Inter-Row Weeder

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Garford Robocrop Inter-Row Weeding using Robocrop Technology
High Speed Performance at its Best

Robocrop is the original and best crop imaging system which achieves excellent row following by viewing multiple crop rows over a large area. Utilizing the Robocrop grid matching technique, accurate row following is possible even on narrow row cereals and multi-line (carrot type) rows.

Images are analysed at a rate of 30 frames per second and the direction of the hoe adjusted via a hydraulic side shift with anti-backlash action. Accuracy is generally 15 mm at the camera or with the addition of soil engaging discs better than 10 mm accuracy is possible.

Forward speeds of up to 12 kph are common and higher speeds have been successfully employed. Garford hoes have been specially adapted to cope with these extreme speeds. Special pressure rams keep the soil engaging components in work and improve penetration in hard conditions. Garford Slash blades ensure no “slip by” of weeds adjacent to the row and also provide good foliage clearance to prevent stripping.

Models from 1 row up to 18 m hydraulic folding frames with 24 m as a trailed machine are available. Special raised bed system cultivators feature ridging ploughs in the wheel tracks and a range of special shares between the rows on the bed. Most models feature the Garford pressure ram which adds weight to each unit and prevents bounce when working at high speed. Speeds achieved are between 8 – 15 kph, but this will be varied depending on crop type and row spacing.

Optional Fertilizer Application

The Robocrop high speed guided hoe lends itself to the precision application of fertilizer, with the addition of a front mounted tank and metering system with distribution heads and shoes on the hoe. This allows the grower to place the precise amount of fertilizer accurately at the area the plant requires for growth, reducing overall fertilizer usage, avoiding surface run off in wet weather and protecting local water courses from pollution.


Camera Guided Precision


Vision Guidance and Side Shift at Work


Manitoba, Canada:  41 rows of 6.5″ width used to cultivate wheat



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