Garford Robocrop Spot Sprayer

Precision  In Row Weed Killing

Garford has developed this In Row Weeder to offer precision weed killing. The Robocrop Spot Sprayer utilizes a modified program to seek out individual weeds growing in the crops. With the aid of specially developed nozzles, it sprays as a true spot sprayer, therefore reducing the chemical cost.


Manufactured by: Garford

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Robocrop Technology
The Ultimate for Precision In Row Weed Killing

Using Robocrop Technology, the Garford Robocrop Spot Sprayer excels beyond the demands of traditional in row weed control. Compared to manual approaches, Robocrop technology gives the operator real time feedback on crops in ground. To do this it uses video image analysis techniques to identify individual plants using a custom colour sensor spectrum thereby identifying weeds from plants.

While the machine was developed primarily for use by farmers of crops such as cabbages, celery, and lettuce, it can be used on almost any crop, as long as they are planted with regular plant and row spacing, where the plant foliage is separated clearly from the next plant.

The Robocrop Spot Sprayer reduces operator stress, provides higher accuracy, higher speeds and facilitates multi-bout spanning operation for even higher work rates. As herbicide use becomes increasingly restricted there has been much interest in using the same well proven inter-row technology to guide band spraying equipment.  More sophisticated applications involve locating and tracking individual crop or weed plants and treating them mechanically, chemically or with a biological control. In many cases these facilitate environmentally friendly methods of crop protection that would not be practical without our technology.


The Robocrop Spot Sprayer


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Garford Farm Machinery Ltd, exhibiting at the Cereals 2014 event, were hugely encouraged to be awarded the Gold IMMA Award for their Robocrop Spot Sprayer.

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