Zocapi Garlic Harvester Binder

Manufactured by: Zocapi

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Zocapi Garlic Harvester Binder
A Hardy Machine Great for Mid-Size Farming

The Harvester Binder is a tough, trailed behind machine designed to not only harvest your garlic from the soil, but tie it into nice neat bunches, all ready for collection! A grate system gently lifts each garlic bulb while the straps take hold of the stalk and raise them up from the ground. A vibration system gently shakes excess soil from the bulbs while the straps deliver the garlic to the handle which then ties them into nice neat bundles. Once each bundle is tied, it is placed on and carried along a rear conveyor band with left-right motion to be set gently on the ground, ready for easy collection. You can choose to harvest one (1), two (2) or three (3) rows at once. Optionally, the 1 and 2 row harvesters can be set with an electro-valve system and lever control (standard in all 3 row machines).


Row Count Selection

ZF1 – Harvester-Binder 1 row                                                  Contact for pricing

ZF1 – e – Harvester-Binder 1 row + electrovalves        Contact for pricing

ZF2 – Harvester-Binder 2 rows                                               Contact for pricing

ZF2-e – Harvester-Binder 2 rows + electrovalves         Contact for pricing

ZF3 – Harvester-Binder 3 rows + electrovalves             Contact for pricing



See the Harvester Binder in Action:


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