Zocapi Splitter D2000

Manufactured by: Zocapi

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Garlic Splitter D2000
Split up to 1000 kg of garlic each hour

The high performance D2000 garlic splitter offers a 1000 kg per hour hopper with 500 mm width splitter module. The D2000 also uses a suction turbine of 5.5 hp for processing, an inspection-selection belt, a step lifter as well as a seed sorter. The seed sorter itself uses a double electro-welded mesh concentric cylinder which allows you to select up to 5 different classifications to sort the cloves by, therefore saving valuable time.

Product details

The motor driven gear allows for variable speed regulation as well as the hatch allows for regulation of the pressure of the turbine.
Seven alternative brushes give the cloves a beautiful bright finish.
The Silemblock construction gives precise vibration control. As a result, it allows for the monitoring of noise and finally of shock of the seed sorter.

Optional Units

Hopper (500 kg approx)                                                            Contact for pricing

D-2000 Splitter module with electric
control panel and turbine                                                         Contact for pricing

Inspection conveyor (4 or 5 m)                                               Contact for pricing

Rotary seed calibrator (5 sizes)                                              Contact for pricing

Vibration seed calibrator (3 sizes)                                        Contact for pricing

Elevator                                                                                            Contact for pricing



Garlic Splitting Made Easy:



Zocapi D2000 Garlic Splitter Seed Sorter:  5 classifications


Also Available:


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This static garlic sheller consists of an approximately 500 kg/hr feed hopper.

WILLSIE Garlic Splitter 

Adjustable rollers separate garlic bulbs into cloves, speeding up the planting preparation process.



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