Zocapi – Manual Garlic Peeling Line

One Line to Peel Them All.

The Zocapi Garlic Peeler line is a preparation and cleaning station using independent distribution modules. An upper line delivers finished product and lower line removes waste and husk. Also available is an optional computer control system via touch screen, server and precision scale.


Manufactured by: Zocapi

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Increased Production in Less Time

This garlic peeler peels the garlic cloves coming from the sheller. Its production varies depending on the degree of humidity; the garlic must be heated to a temperature of 37º with a relative humidity of 20% for a minimum time of 3 hours, optimal 6 hours. With this treatment, the machine increases production.

– The garlic peeler is made up of an elevator with a variable speed drive to dose the peeler feed.
– The machine has a band with vulcanized food PVC strips and a mobile blowing system for peeling.
– Leather aspiration equipment and leather collection tape.
– The selection tape is 3000 x 600 mm.
– 2CV vacuum cleaner at the exit of the selection belt to vacuum skins.
– Approved electrical control panel. Installed power of 5CV.
– Pneumatic supply from 2,070L to 7bar.

Manual Peeler Models

ZP16 – 16 person line                        Contact for pricing

ZP20 – 20 person line                       Contact for pricing

Garlic Peeling in action!


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