Zocapi – Pneumatic Planter

Manufactured by: Zocapi

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The Pneumatic Garlic Planter make Seeding a Cinch!

This incredible machine designed by Zocapi operates on a vacuum pressure system. So what does that mean for you? It means seed population is yours to control with the hydraulic drive giving you a range of 2 – 15 cm of depth for your seeds. Meanwhile this pneumatic planter’s hopper boasts an impressive 2000 kg seed capacity per load while its seed placement of up to 8 double rows per pass will save you time!


Models available include Simple Row or Double Row.

  • PNZ3 – 3 simple row     Contact for pricing
  • PNZ4 – 4 simple row     Contact for pricing
  • PNZ5 – 5 simple row     Contact for pricing
  • PNZ6 – 6 simple row     Contact for pricing
  • PNZ7 – 7 simple row     Contact for pricing
  • PNZ8 – 8 simple row    Contact for pricing
  • PNZ – D3


Check it Out! Seed placement in action!


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Willsie Multi-Row Hydraweeder

Designed with Versatility in Mind!
The Willsie
Hydraweeder offers an effective organic weeding solution to reduce heavy labour costs and inconsistent weeding.

  • This powerful weeder offers pesticide free weed removal between plants in-row, doing the workload of 8-10 people, saving you time and labour;
  • Large, no flat tires means no risk of a flat mid field;
  • The hydraulic speed control means no belts to worry about;
  • Heads can be changed quickly between different size discs;
  • Expandable to a multi-row unit for future!


Zocapi Harvester Cutter

Harvest and Cut in One Smooth Motion!

  • Harvest up to five (5) rows each pass with the Zocapi Harvester Cutter;
  • A gentle vibration system shakes excess soil from the bulb;
  • The cutter effectively removes each stem from the bulb, condensing two steps into one;
  • Choose between back-side unloading or with rear unloading directly into a trailer!



Need to troubleshoot your crop?
visit Ontario’s Garlic Production for some great information and tips!