1 Row Hydraweeder


The Willsie 1 Row Hydraweeder offers an effective organic weeding solution to reduce heavy labour costs and inconsistent weeding. Hand weeding gets the weeds that the eye can see but our hydraweeders go deeper into the ground to pull up the weeds that will come in the next day and the day after thereby allowing for more efficiency, less time needed in the field and less required labour.


  • This unit has large, no flat tires.
  • Positive hydraulic drive, no belts to slip or wear out.
  • Hydraulic speed control.
  • Expandable to a multi-row unit for the future.
  • Row spacing can be adjusted to a variety of row widths, including being offset.
  • Heads can be quickly changed between the different size discs.
  • Optional straw removers are available to remove the straw from strawberries.


Additional Items

Disc Options

  • 10″ Discs – Add $460.87
  • 5″ Discs – Add $418.98
  • 7″ Discs – Add $418.98
  • Set of Straw Removers – Add $411.99

Optional Features

  • Set of Ridge Protectors – Add $349.15




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